I used different ways to glitch my photographs. Each had very different outcomes and each has positive and negative points.


Snorpey is a image glitch tool, a website that allows us to upload our images and play around with some sliders that controls the amount of glitching. It is very easy to use and the end results show a very typical glitched photograph – something you’d expect to see on a corrupted file. This is fine if that is the effect you’re hoping for but personally, I don’t see anything interesting or creative about the final product.


Audacity is an audio processing software that is downloadable on Mac and Windows computers. Using this, we can upload an image as raw data and we can see the image data as a waveform. We can change segments of the data and add different effects to it. In my example below, I used the graphic EQ effect on the entire waveform (minus the first 5 seconds as this contains important data that will corrupt the image if changed). I really liked the outcome of this, but because I used a TIFF file which is already a large file, the resulting JPG was too big.


Photomosh was my favourite tool to use. It’s another website that can be used to alter an image but with so many more options. Using this tool can give us still images (JPG) or even Gifs. You just upload your image and either “Mosh” (randomise) or finetune whichever adjustments you want to make.

While I really enjoyed this tool, and there is definite aesthetic value in it, I wonder how much creative value is really has since everything can be done with just the click of a button.

Glitched with Snorpey
Glitched with Audacity
Glitched with Photomosh