As an extension to my smoke art, I decided to create some colourful mandalas, or kaleidoscope images in Photoshop.

Smoke Art

This is another really simple process, and yet the results are so good. Basically, the image is repeated on top of itself, rotated 45 degrees each time until a full circle is made. We set each layers blending mode to “lighten”, add a new solid colour (black) layer, and cut a circle through the middle using an inverted layer mask. (We can adjust the feathering of the layer mask to have a softer or harder edge).

There is lots of commercial value in something like this – I can see this type of image to be used as wall art or even cushions. Mandalas are also very common in spiritualist culture and I have some ideas of how this art can appeal to them, too.

As simple as this whole process was, it was also really fun to do and I used the technique several times with different pieces of smoke photography. Some results are below.