The Two Ways Of Life – Oscar Rejlander (1857)

Looking at photographers through history and this particular piece caught my attention. There are many people who dislike and/or distrust contemporary photography because so many images are manipulated (Photoshopped). It has become so easy to manipulate an image or to merge several images together to create one singular image that it is often difficult to determine what is real and what is not. Many people viewing a composite image will appreciate it for its artistic value but will believe it isn’t a true photograph.

The reason this photograph caught my attention is that it was taken using a traditional camera and developed in a darkroom, and so long before the digital age. And yet, this is a composite of thirty-two different images and took around 6 weeks to complete.

The act of photographic manipulation wasn’t invented with Photoshop, photographers have been using the technique for as long as we’ve had photography.

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