As you can see from the image on the left, there is quite a lot of banding. To fix this, I removed the air balloon and the foreground using the select tool and deleted it using the “content-aware” option. This filled in the deleted bits with similar colours to the rest of the image. After that, I added a noise effect called “splatter” from the filter gallery to blend the colours more nicely to create more of a sky feel. Then it was just a case of adding the foreground elements back in using layer masks and refining it with the refine edge tool.

There are ways to avoid the banding in the first place. By editing in Photoshop by using 16bit colours rather than 8bit, we have more of a colour selection for Photoshop to work with and this will significantly reduce the banding. However, this is a great solution for you if the banding occurs for any reason.

Using a selection of tools and layer masks, I merged these two photographs together and I added noise to make it appear they are truly one image.

Photoshop can be used to both remove or to add noise. If we photograph an image using too high an ISO, this can generate a lot of noise which Photoshop can help to reduce.

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