For me, this image is underexposed. The background is too dark and my model needed more light.

To fix this, I opened it up in Photoshop’s Camera Raw filter and adjusted the exposure by about half a stop.

Now, my subject seemed perfectly exposed but the background was still way too dark.

Upping the exposure any more would have overexposed my model, ruining the image.

But this image wasn’t beyond salvaging. Radial filters allow us to draw a circle over an area and change the settings either inside or outside of that circle. Using the radial filter, I drew my circle over my model and increased the exposure on everything outside of it.

Now it is a much nicer image and you can see more of the environment she is in. The truth of the image hasn’t been changed, either. Instead, the truth has now been allowed to show better than it could have earlier. We can now see what my eyes saw when I first took the photograph.

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