Using layer masks I was able to cover the bin bag in the corner of the stairway using another photograph of an orange. This is a technique that can be used to add objects or people to a photograph that wasn’t originally there, like adding a friend or family member to a group photograph.
It can also be used for whimsical or comedic effect, like adding an object into an image that shouldn’t be there – because it’s oversized or because it’s an anachronism (a modern device superimposed in a photograph from Victorian England).

You can also use the mask and montage technique to create something new. In this case, I have taken a selection of images and transformed them to create this. It can be printed and be used as a bookmark.

I have then adapted this idea to create something from my own images.

Using the same technique, but with my own images, I have created what could be a business card if I printed it.

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