Sometimes when we have a large gathering waiting to take a photograph, such as at a wedding, some of the guests might blink or look away at an inopportune time. As photographers, it is part of our job to anticipate this happening and we counter it by taking more than one capture. Using Photoshop, we are able to cut and paste from one image to the other and make it appear the final image hasn’t been doctored at all.

In this image, there are three people who have their eyes shut. If this photograph was handed to the family as it is then there would be some unhappy customers! This is where we turn to Photoshop to help us fix it.
In my blog I like to talk about whether or not various Photoshop techniques void the truth, and this post is no different. In this case, the memories of the day haven’t changed. The only thing that has changed is how well the family receives the final product. While you might disagree, I believe the truth of the image remains in tact. A technique like this can help salvage what would otherwise be bad images and it will help raise the photographer’s reputation.

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