The Original Image.

To fix this image, the first thing I had to do was fix the colour. Currently, there is a strong magenta cast on it. To correct this, I opened the file in Photoshop and made a new “Curves” adjustment layer. From here I could bring down the red channel slightly. I could also add more contrast and select a grey point in the background.
Next, the image seemed a little out of focus so I added an Unsharp mask to bring the details in the face back.

Now the colour cast is fixed, my next job was to clear up the dust and scratch marks. To do this, I created a new blank layer above the image layer and selected the healing brush. I made sure to tick the “sample all layers” option, and slowly started to clean up the imperfections. Doing it this way allowed me to work non-destructively, and any mistakes I might have made would have been easier to fix than if I’d have applied the corrections directly to the image itself. Lastly, I cropped it to 15x21in and set it to 300ppi.

The Colour Corrected Image.

The Curves Adjustment – Red Channel.
The Healing Brush Layer.
The Layers.

The Final Image.

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